3 Best Prepaid Phone Plans for Families

Prepaid plans can be the most practical and economical, especially for those who are on a budget. This is because other types of plans can get messy when it comes to extra bills and cancellations. There are a number of different prepaid plans on the market. Here are 3 of the best prepaid phone plans for families.

Metro By T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a shared plan called Metro By T-Mobile. The plan covers up to four devices and costs $120 per month. This is a good deal, considering the fact that a regular prepaid T-Mobile plan costs $50 per month. If you had four devices and had a separate prepaid phone phone plan for each one, you’d be paying $200 per month. However, with Metro By T-Mobile, you can save $80 per month. People get unlimited National Talk and Text—which means that each person can make as many calls and texts as they like. Users are also given an unlimited amount of data, though people who use over 35GB+ of data are bound to experience reduced internet speeds. If you need to add more lines to your plan you can add up to four more lines—each line being charged $30 extra.

This plan comes with Amazon Prime and 100GB of cloud storage—provided by Google One. Users are also given 15 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data. The access to Amazon Prime includes FREE two day shipping, access to Prime Video, access to Amazon Photos, reduced prices from Whole Foods and ad-free music from Prime Music. This plan is great for those who have large families because it allows them to save money while reaping the benefits of a phone plan with extensive services.

Simple Mobile Unlimited Plan

If you only need to buy devices for two people, Simple Mobile offers a prepaid plan for two devices: Simple Mobile Unlimited Plan. The plan is $75 per month. This plan offers free roaming in Mexico and calls to over 60 countries. There is unlimited nationwide calling and texting, while there is unlimited international calling. In the 3 GB plan, you can add up to four extra lines for $20 per month. On other plans, extra lines will cost $25 each.

Verizon Do More Unlimited Family Plan

Verizon Do More Unlimited Family Plan covers four phones at $180 per month. Users have national unlimited talk and text.

In conclusion, Simple Mobile Unlimited Plan and Metro By T-Mobile are a couple of the best prepaid phone plans for families. Simple Mobile Unlimited Plan is good for two phones, and Metro By T-Mobile is good for four phones. The T-Mobile plan costs $120 per month, while the Simple Mobile Plan costs $75 per month. Verizon Do More Unlimited Family plan is another four-person plan.

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