4 Advantages to Private Air Travel Over Commercial Airlines

Upgraded Amenities
Each private plane or jet is unique, but you will find that most offer you a full range of business equipment and features. This may include a printer, a fax machine and charging ports. When you fly private, you often will enjoy more comfortable seating and better entertainment features. Some private planes have sleeping accommodations, which can improve your comfort level when you are taking a long or overnight flight. Many private planes and jets also let you customize your meals and snacks by making your selection beforehand.

A Customized Flight Schedule
Trying to find a commercial flight that is not sold out and that departs at an ideal time can be a challenge. More than that, in many cases, commercial airlines passengers must waste time by taking connecting flights rather than a direct approach. Private planes and jets can land at a wide range of airports and fields than commercial planes can, and this may help you to enjoy getting closer to your intended destination. Altogether, flying on a private jet or plane can help you to save time and avoid unnecessary hassle when traveling.

No Concern About Missing a Flight
Even when you do your best to get to the airport on time, you may be affected by traffic delays or other unplanned issues. You may also have trouble getting through security lines or finding your gate. The stress associated with missing a commercial flight that you must be on or getting bumped off of the flight can be intense. When you fly private, your flight will wait for you.

No Hassle Through Security Lines
You do not have to pass through long security lines when flying private. The flight crew does have the right to check your bags, but this may not frequently happen. You can typically drive right up to the plane and let a valet carry your bags directly onto the plane without hassle. You can even bring your regular toiletries without concern about the size of the bottles.

While it will cost you more money to charter a private plane or jet, you can see that you enjoy substantial benefits in exchange for the money. Once you have experienced the benefit of private air travel, you may never want to board a commercial flight again.

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