4 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Movers

When you’re planning your move, there are dozens of things that need to be arranged in the days or weeks beforehand. It can seem as though everything has to happen at once. According to statistics gathered by The American Moving and Storage Association, more than 15 million households move annually. Over half a million of these households use the services of the 7000 professional moving companies in the United States. Here are four ways you can show your appreciation to these hard-working, stress-reducing individuals.

Rely Upon Their Expertise

Your moving team is there to help you. They know exactly how to carefully and efficiently pack every item in your home. It can be a relief to realize that there are very few decisions that you need to make regarding packing and moving. Packers know the safest way to pack even your most delicate and treasured items. Transportation and logistics professionals know the best way to get your items through or around inclement weather. Unpackers know the most logical and convenient places to store small kitchen items and bathroom linens in your new home. No matter what part of the process, they can take the weight of these decisions off of your shoulders.

Provide Open Communication

Your moving team will appreciate being part of the communication loop on moving day. Make sure all of the adults in your household exchange numbers with the moving team leader. The day of a move can be busy, and unexpected issues can arise. The moving team will appreciate knowing if there will be a delay in signing their final paperwork or that someone will be available to them if they have questions.

Provide Health, Safety and Comfort

There are many ways that you can look out for the health and safety of your movers. Warn them of any hazards in and around your home, such as uneven pavement, low doorframes or unusually cumbersome items.

Moving is hot and heavy work. Providing your moving team with a place to take a break inside is a nice gesture. You may also want to consider treating them to coffee and donuts in the morning, or lunch or dinner later in the day.

Know How Much to Tip

According to Moving.com, tipping is as much a part of the moving industry as it is in any service industry. Standard tip amounts are around $10 for every four hours of work per person. If the move is exceptionally long or difficult, more is always appreciated.

Moving is a difficult job that usually happens on one of the busiest days of your life. Your moving team knows that their service is just one of many things you’re coordinating. Taking the time to show them how much you appreciate their help is something that they won’t soon forget.

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