4 Ideas for Discussing your Hearing Loss with Friends and Family

Hearing is something that many people take for granted. However, if you happen to lose it; you’ll wish you had taken better care of your auditory health. Still, you can communicate with the people around you. Keep reading to discover 4 ideas that you can use to discuss your hearing loss with family and friends.

Idea 1: Get a Person’s Attention before you Speak

People always do certain things to get a person’s attention before they speak. When you have hearing loss, you will have to do the same thing. Having hearing loss should not change this natural part of speaking. Get in front of a person’s face that you want to communicate with and you can also touch them in a friendly way to let them know you want to speak. Remember, family members and friends should be willing to make adjustments to help accommodate your hearing loss.

Idea 2: You should Learn how to Read Lips

AARP recommends learning how to read lips when a person suffers from hearing loss. This is an important skill to master when your hearing diminishes. If you have a hard time following people, then look at their lips and what they have to say. Reading a person’s lips will help to give you clarity within a conversation and it will take pressure off of you in social settings. Every person might not want to adjust to your hearing loss. However, you should step up and make the difference. By learning how to read lips, you’re showing others that you are not relying on them to adjust to your condition. You’re the one with the hearing problem and you should be the one trying to change this situation for the better.

Idea 3: Keep the Background Noise to a Minimum

Background noise can cause problems when communicating with family. Make sure you communicate in an environment where noise is at a minimum. WebMD encourages people with hearing loss to eliminate loud music, television and radio noise before they speak. If the noise is too loud and cannot be turned down, then speak to your family member at another time.

Idea 4: Use Body Language when you Communicate

Figure out how to communicate more effectively with your body language. Your body is often used in communication. You should figure out how to use your body language when speaking to relatives or one of your buddies. A hearing therapist, audiologist or coach can provide you with the best ways to communicate more effectively with your body. You should master this communication method because it will help you to become a better speaker with loved ones and friends.

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