4 Rules For Tipping Your Valet

Are you wondering when you should tip your valet? Should you tip when you drop the car off, pick up or both? Not quite sure how much you should tip a valet parking attendant?


If you need answers to common questions regarding tipping your valet, then this article can help.


How much should I tip the Valet?


The average tip for a valet is anything between $2 to $5. You can also base this on how far a parking attendant must go to pick up your car. Anything less than $1 seems insincere and anything more than $5 is not needed unless they provide you with additional services.


Should I tip upon dropping off or picking up?


When it comes to tipping your valet upon arrival or leaving, most people do either or. There are no real rules regarding this type of situation but it is suggested you tip when picking up your vehicle. The best thing to do is to determine the circumstances.


For example, if you arrive at a valet parking service where there are only one or two attendants working, then tipping while picking your car up to leave works fine. Chances are the same attendant who helped you when you dropped off your vehicle will be the same exact attendant helping you when you pick up your vehicle.


In another example, you may come across a valet service that is attended by multiple valets, like at a busy Casino or Resort. In this situation the chances of you getting the same valet parking attendant are slim. In this case, you can either pay during the drop-off, pick up, or even split your tip between the two. But usually, tips are pooled between all attendants so it won’t really matter in the end.


Tip more if you require more


If you require more services from a parking attendant than the usual drop off and pick up services, then consider tipping more.


  • Tip more if you are helped with the luggage.
  • Tip more if you require the attendant to retrieve your car multiple times.
  • Tip more if the attendant acts accordingly for special needs or disabled passengers.
  • Tip more if the attendant goes out of their way to meet any needs you may have.

Remember, every extra moment a parking attendant spends with you is a moment they are losing out on receiving tips from other people.


Carry smalls bills for tipping


Whenever you find yourself in need of valet parking services, it is always a good idea to be carrying smaller denominations of bills in order to tip the attendants. Carrying ones and fives is always a good idea because when you tip with smaller bills, you won’t require change back. Don’t always assume the parking attendant will have the change to give back to you.


In the end, tipping is always dependant on the service you receive and how satisfied you are with the parking attendant. Tipping is not necessary but it is expected in most situations.

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