4 Safety Tips to Know for Cutting the Grass

Cutting grass is not exactly the most fun thing to do, and people tend to do it in a rush to get it out of the way. However, you should be careful before swinging that trimmer left and right or someone might get hurt. Lawnmowers are even more dangerous, and you could lose a limb if you are too careless. Pay attention to the following tips before mowing the lawn, and you will have a much better time keeping the grass in check.

1. Read the instructions

The first thing you have to do is read the instruction manual. Whether is a lawnmower or trimmer, you have to understand everything that you should and should not do. Never assume you know everything about the equipment you are about to operate. You will be tempted to skip reading it, but don’t. The safety of everyone nearby depends on it. Take a good look at all the labels; they are more than pretty pictures.

2. Wear protective gear

The risk of getting injured while operating cutting grass machinery is real, so it’s essential to wear the proper attire to prevent injuries. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are perfect for the task, but keep in mind they shouldn’t be loose as they can get stuck in the rotary blade injuring you in the process. The same applies to jewelry. Close-fitting clothes are the way to go. Sandals or flip-flops won’t be enough to protect your feet. Steel toe boots are the ones you want as they can withstand the impact of objects thrown from a mower or trimmer.

Your eyes are delicate, so you require something to protect them as well. Polycarbonate eyewear can keep your eyes safe from flying debris or any other threat you might not be aware of. Hearing protection might be necessary if the sound from the grass cutting machine is too loud. In such a case, ear muffs can muffle the sound to keep your hearing intact. Don’t forget to cover your hands. Cut resistant gloves are your best bet to maintain your hands safe.

3. Clear the area

Before you turn on the lawnmower, check the area for potential flying threats. Stones, toys, and sticks can be a hazard for you and everyone else nearby. Once the blade hits a small object, it gets propelled at a very high speed harming any person in its path. Moreover, it can also break glass windows in proximity. Pick up every small object you see lying around; don’t leave anything to chance.

4. Handle the equipment properly

Always take the precautions when using a mower or trimmer. Avoid pulling a mower backward as your feet can get trapped underneath it. Turn it off and make sure the blades have stopped before removing grass or debris from it. Refrain from using your hands near the blade, use a stick or some other tool. Do not remove safety devices from a mower and never drink alcohol before using it.

As you can see, cutting grass while following a few simple precautions is simple. Just read instructions, use protective clothing, pick up potential projectiles and manage the equipment correctly. You will prevent injuries and a lot of headaches.

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