4 Tips for Buying Jewelry for Your Child’s Christening

There are many special events that you will attend where you apparel really matters. This means not simply wearing the right clothing but accessories, as well. Christenings are some examples that fit into this category. Parents of the child being honored on this day usually consider the dress selection in advance. It is common to see the harmony between the child’s clothing and what the parent wear.

Jewelry for this event is just as important as the overall ensemble. It doesn’t matter whether you are attending the christening or planning it. Wearing the right piece of jewelry takes a bit of consideration, especially if you are looking for items for a child. The age and sex of the child are likely to be factors to think about before making a jewelry purchase.

Here are 4 tips to think about children’s jewelry for christenings:

1 – Find Age Appropriate Jewelry

According to Jared.com, jewelry shopping for children can be challenging. This is true despite whether these pieces are to mark milestones or not. Christening jewelry should be age-appropriate, which involves considering the right size for rings or bracelets. Fortunately for those shopping for these pieces, there are lines specifically made for babies and children of different ages.

2 – Look for Matching Pieces

It is important to think about the clothing that your child is wearing to the christening. This allows you to shop for jewelry that matches the ensemble in some way. Themed pieces, such as flowers and hearts can be purchased. You may also opt to look for jewelry that has a stone setting. These are available based on the color of the gem selected and may symbolize the child’s birth month.

3 – Select Memorable Items

The meaning behind a piece of jewelry can be impactful as Yahoo Lifestyle reported about Meghan Markle. On the day of her son’s christening, she chose to wear the same earrings from her wedding day. Memorable items can be worn by parents and children for these events. Selecting these items can make the day even more special.

4 – Shop with Safety in Mind

There may be many different types of jewelry pieces that you like for this day. Not all of these are safe for babies and young children. The length of something like a necklace could present a risk depending on the age of the child. Earrings with screw-back applications are safer than traditional selections for babies. Shopping with safety in mind is a big part of finding the perfect christening jewelry.

Christenings are typically planned for babies from 3 months to 6 months. There is no set rule, however, as it relates to age for these children. Jewelry worn for these events is often considered to be keepsakes. This is why parents think about what they want their child to wear in terms of jewelry pieces. These may be rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that can be engraved to commemorate the day.

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