4 Tips for Selling Your Timeshare

Vacation ownership works well for lots of people. And it worked well for you when you invested. Now, you’ve decided to part with your timeshare. But what’s the next step? Here are 4 tips for selling your timeshare:

1. Do your research on the secondary market

While you may have paid “retail” price for your timeshare, secondhand owners are going to expect to pay less than they would if they purchased the timeshare directly from the property company. Find out what people are willing to pay for your timeshare, and then set your expectations accordingly.

2. Consider a trade-in

If the reason for selling your timeshare is accommodations related, consider discovering what other timeshare options may be available to you. Big timeshare properties often have the option to trade-in your current ownership  for something that better suits your needs. Whether you need more room, less room, or a different location, it’s worth checking out the options before you make a sale. You can also see how the timeshare company values your current ownership, for reference.

3. Choose the right time to sell

The best time to sell your timeshare is when people are thinking of taking a vacation. As vacationers look for a cheap way to take their annual trip, pricing your timeshare right can make for a quick sale. This helps you out in a couple ways. First, you don’t have to wait around for the timeshare to be sold. Second, you don’t have to continue paying fees for the rest of the year. Once you sell and transfer the ownership, you will be fee-free.

4. Share what you enjoyed with potential buyers

Although you may have outgrown your timeshare, there was a time when it was a great idea for you. Be sure to capture that sense of freedom, flexibility and enjoyment in your timeshare ad. If you’ve discovered some local gems for food and entertainment, mention that in your timeshare ad, too. Paint a picture for prospective buyers, so that even if they’ve never visited before they can know what fun things to expect from their future vacations.

By getting information on market price, planning your sale, and sharing what you’ve enjoyed about the property with others, you’re on the right track to selling your timeshare quickly. All that’s left for you to do is plan your next vacation. Will it be another timeshare, or a new adventure?

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