4 Unique Ways to Support your Military

During a time of war, there are many things that people who aren’t in the fight can do to show support to those that are. Wanting to find a way to show support to your military is something that is relatively new in the scope of the last 50 years. These days, most people want to show support but aren’t exactly sure how. Here are a few unique ways you can show how much you support the armed forces.

Volunteer to place flags at a grave site
Have you ever visited a graveyard and seen a ton of little flags on a bunch of grave sites? Have you ever wondered how exactly they got there? It turns out there isn’t someone who is paid to lay them out. At least, not all the time. If you want to show how much you support the military then you can contact a local VA organization and volunteer to be the person who puts those flags out. You’re not going to get a ton of attention, but you will be doing something to help.

Visit the VA Hospital
This is a way for you to show your support in a very real way. This isn’t like putting up flags and supporting them from afar. If you go to your local VA hospital, you are quite literally offering your support to a veteran or wounded soldier. Just sit and talk to them, ask them if they need anything, do whatever it takes to make sure they feel as though there is someone there for them. This is the kind of thing that can make someone’s day, week or month and all it takes you is a little bit of your free time.

Advocate for veterans affairs legislation
We often hear about various senators bringing bills they think will help soldiers and veterans. Put your support behind these bills. Spread the word and get others to support them. Maybe even bring an idea to your representative.

Offer to watch their children and give them a break
If you happen to know a service member with children, then you can offer up a very specific kind of support. Go over to their house and tell them you would be willing to watch their kids for a while so that they can have a break. This will allow them to get some rest, or even better have a good time out on the town. Either way, you are supporting who they are and that they are more than just a soldier. They have a family that needs help sometimes and you’re willing to give that help no matter what it is they need.

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