4 Ways Dads can Have the Best Showing During Custody Battles

Going through a divorce or custody battle is tough, especially if children are involved. Traditionally, the courts have leaned towards the mother as needing physical custody of the children. However, more fathers are actively seeking custody of their kids – and winning. There are several ways a dad can look good to the courts for gaining custody of their children.

First, lawyers advise dads to become helicopter parents. The Dads do this by attending the child’s school events, parent/teacher meetings, doctor appointments, and sporting events. A dad needs to show involvement in his child’s life. Other people around the child will notice that the father is contributing to his child’s life and trying to make it richer. It will also show that the father will sacrifice to be an involved parent.

Second, a father wishing to prove that he is the best choice should try to establish his parental fitness through others. These references can be from friends, coworkers, and family members. Sometimes, the judge only has these references to decide. Affidavits from church members, colleagues, teachers, coaches, and neighbors showing your fatherly fitness could be what “tips the scales” your way as a father.

Third, a father can use his earning power to get an advantage in a custody war. Because men have more earning power than women in the economy, these men should use this to their advantage. Fathers ought to stress to the court their income advantage. Even though flexing a man’s financial arm may not be fair, it will help strengthen his case. If one parent is barely “scraping by” but the other parent can provide nice clothes, house, and schools, who is the better parent?

Fourth, getting remarried is good regarding the custody of your child. This can vary depending upon your situation. It is a misguided belief that a man should not remarry because it will damage his custody standing. If you get remarried and your wife stays home from work to care for the child, it will strengthen your argument for custody of the kids. It is believed, even by judges, that it is better for the child to have both a mother and father in the household.

While there are other factors that go into a custody decision, these four tips should help a father begin prepare for his case. An attorney should also be consulted for family matters like this. Custody battles are not pleasant; however, a man’s children are worth it.

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