4 Ways to Encourage Diversity at Your Business

Inclusiveness and diversity in a business environment is an effective method of promoting open mindedness and global culture. It enables the business to better understand the colleagues, clients, and customers from all over the world. Discussed here are four ways to encourage diversity at your business.

1. An Inclusion Program
An inclusion program encourages diversity as it enables the minority professionals such as LGBT and others at the business become more comfortable. By bringing out their real selves, they are able to be more productive which benefits both the business and the employees.

An inclusion program promotes support of the underrepresented individuals through a set up structure. The structure should be able to offer training and programs which enable the minorities to become an integral part of the organization, collaborate with other employees and come up with an even playing ground.

2. Promoting Competency in Cultural Diversity Communication
Competency in cross cultural communication is an invaluable skill at your business in promoting diversity. It enables an individual to interact more effectively with professionals, workmates and customers from different race and cultural backgrounds, sexual and gender orientation.

One way of achieving this to know the colleagues who come from different countries, cultural backgrounds and minority groups. This helps you to understand them better, appreciate their cultural differences and understand the sensitive issues around them. This makes communication easy, considerate and inclusive without leaving the minorities out.

3. Merit Based Hiring and Promotion
Your business can promote diversity through the hiring and promotion policies for workers. A policy that promotes a top down approach and supports promotion of minorities into leadership positions is more likely to achieve diversity.

Encourage hiring and promotion based on merit instead of quotas. Furthermore, transparency is important because it encourages all people including minorities to apply and get promoted. Equal treatment for all applicants and employees is also necessary as it promotes hiring and retention of workers from different backgrounds.

4. Treat Others How they Want to be Treated
It is possible to treat people the way they prefer by acknowledging certain differences exist between individuals. By acknowledging these differences, one is able to understand the sensitive boundaries and expectations hence treat others how they want to be treated.

An activity or request that you are comfortable could be uncomfortable or offensive to another person in the business. It is important to understand these conflicts and avoid them by treating the person the way they want. This will make people from different backgrounds comfortable at the workplace.

Diversity at the place of work encourages openness and a global culture. It is therefore necessary for businesses to promote diversity. This can be achieved through various methods such as inclusion programs, learning cross cultural communication skills, acknowledging cultural differences and hiring and promoting employees based on merit.

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