5 Benefits of Sending Printed Newsletters

There are many ways mailing out newsletters can help you grow your business. Newsletters give you the opportunity to let people know what you do and how you might be able to help them, and many people may find your information useful. Here are the top five benefits of sending printed newsletters.

1. Something New

Most businesses may think that the internet is the only way to advertise today, but mailing items is still a viable option. Mailing a quality newsletter will make you stand out from the crowded web, and the receiver may see your work as something new and refreshing. Many people like to use the internet to connect to family and friends and for research, but when it comes down to business, they want personal touches. Sending the letter shows you put in some extra effort to reach out to them versus them having to find you.

2. Information

Sending out a newsletter with useful information may mean that the individual will keep the letter. Some things you can write about in the message may be tips on how the person can do tasks themselves. Many do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the suggestions, and they probably will save the paper so they can reference it later on. Have the chore you are helping them with relate to your services or business. Letting people know community events is another way to get people to save your paper. Some things you can alert them to are local high school football games, farmer’s markets, or a town hall meeting. Keep the calendar local, so they know you are an expert from their area.

3. Maps

Make your newsletter different by adding a map to someplace unique. For example, write a story about a secret picnic area close by, and add a map with written directions. You rarely see print advertisements with this level of information. Other map ideas are new subdivisions under construction, bus routes, or walking trails. You can get images of maps for free off of the internet.

4. Pictures With Quotes

Colorful photographs or pieces of artwork will catch people’s eye, and if you add a quote, they might save it to enjoy. If you can, take the pictures yourself. Another option for photos is to search for images that are in the public domain or are free to use. You do not want to use other’s artwork or pictures without their permission. If you have a quote that sums up your business, use it, or use famous quotes with proper credits.

5. Your Details

Having a picture of yourself on the newsletter will help the receiver connect to you. If you think a professional photo represents you and your business the best, get one made. Some services may need a more casual picture, such as you leaning against your work vehicle or outside. Write down several ways they can contact you. This way, they can use the method they are most comfortable with.

Sending out printed newsletters is another approach to contacting new people and staying in touch with past clients. There are many ways you can make it unique to your personality, business, and the local area. Depending on your budget, you can send them out monthly, quarterly, or annually. It is a very flexible way of promoting yourself.

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