5 Clever Ways to Make Your Food Truck Stand Out

One of the best things for food truck customers is finding one that makes them excited about their unique and special find. It feels like a special sort of magic, a secret they are now in on and can’t wait to tell their friends about. The trick, as a food truck owner, is figuring out how to create that magic.

There are many areas for you to consider when you want to make your food truck stand out. Look at your truck from different angles and you can figure out how to make that magic for yourself.

1. Think About Your Branding for Everything

No matter what you’re looking at–ordering napkins, your menu items, the menu itself–consider your branding. You are creating an experience with your food truck and your brand is a big part of what defines that. Make sure you’ve established key factors for good branding and then put those factors into everything you have. It’s what will make it easy for your customers to remember you.

2. Thoughtfully Design the Outside of Your Truck

Neon signs and bright colors can be fabulous. However, if every other truck within a five mile radius is doing the same thing, then it’s not really a way to stand out. If everyone else is going neon, you might consider pastels, or another look that will help fit with your brand. If everyone else is going big, you work your design toward a minimalistic approach that stands out with its simplicity.

See what is out there and then rule those things out. There are still a wide world of possibilities out there.

When you are looking at your truck, consider things like your license plate, custom rims, and where you can place your social media accounts on the outside of your rig. You want people walking by to be able to easily look you up.

3. Make Food That Stands Out

People expect tacos and burgers from food trucks. And that’s great and definitely has a market. But if you want your truck to stand out, consider menu items that will be unique. One option is to take something expected, but to add unexpected ingredients, especially ones that make for a healthier option. So adding avocados or cauliflower or Brussel sprouts to something that doesn’t normally have them. There are also successful gourmet food trucks. Instead of burgers, make a Chicken Liver Pâté. Or add truffles.

The more creative you can be, the better you’ll stand out!

4. Add Some Fun to the Outside of Your Truck

If you have some space where you’re parked consider adding some fun touches around your truck. This could mean a branded umbrella that has your logo printed on it, or just matches the colors of your brand. This doubles as some shade for your customers to eat under. You can also have a seating area, add twinkle lights around your truck window, or roll a red carpet out front of your truck.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Packaging

It should be easy for your customers to carry their food away from your truck. Any opportunity for branding–like a logo on the napkins–should not be overlooked. For bonus points, consider things you can do that add a touch of something extra, a little novelty. If you can make your food cute for photographs, your customers will have reason to post photos of their food on social media. That’s advertising!

Create an Experience

As you’re working through these five tips, always keep number one in mind: your brand. This isn’t just about logo placement or color schemes. It’s about creating an experience at your food truck. That experience will be something that makes people talk about your food truck and recommend it to their friends.

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