5 Indications That You Are a Candidate for Joint Replacement

Whether it’s a knee, hip, or another joint, there could be a medical issue that results in the need for a replacement. Sometimes, there is a clear reason why you need a replacement, such as an injury. Your doctor can review scans of the affected joint to look at the health of the area before determining if you’re a good candidate for surgery.

1. Daily Activities
If you are unable to move around as easily as you once were, then you should consider asking your doctor to have an MRI or another scan performed to determine if there is any damage to the joint. Once the mobility of the joint has started to decrease, you might notice changes in how you walk or bend and how you perform everyday tasks, such as cleaning your home.

2. Pain
There will likely be pain in your joint that becomes worse over time and that can’t be treated with medications or other treatments. This is often the point when your doctor will discuss surgery so that you can get relief from the pain that you experience. You might notice that the pain in your joint wakes you at night or that it’s more severe when you’re moving around.

3. Injuries
If there has been an injury to the joint, then this is an indication that you would be a good candidate for replacement surgery. You could sustain injuries from falling, from being involved in an auto accident, or from other activities that result in a significant impact to the joint.

4. Arthritis
As you get older, it’s common to experience osteoarthritis in your joints, especially in your hips and knees. When the condition begins to overtake your daily life and the pain from the condition is simply too much to bear, then surgery could be the best option so that you get the relief that you need. At times, osteoarthritis can deteriorate the joint to the point where there is no cartilage or other material surrounding the joint.

5. Failed Treatments
Sometimes, your doctor might suggest physical therapy, injections, or other treatments to help relieve your joint pain or other issues that you experience in your joints. When these treatments don’t work, then surgery could help. You’ll discuss the best type of surgery to ensure that you have the best results possible.

When your joints cause so much pain that you have trouble sitting during the day, then you might benefit from replacement surgery. Consider trying a few other methods of treatment before you decide to have surgery. Once you have a joint replacement performed, you need to abide by the instructions given by your doctor for a successful procedure.

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