5 Signs You Are Ready for Leadership

Innate leadership is an attribute that many covet but few possess. Spearheading movements and overseeing operations are initiatives that only leaders are capable of heading. Perhaps you’re flirting with the idea of graduating to a leadership role but are unsure if the position will suit you. Here are five signs that you’re leadership material.

Your Advice Is Sought-After
If you’ve noticed that you’ve inadvertently taken on a mentoring role at work, it’s likely because your colleagues are keen to pick your brain and heed your insights. Not only is your advice sound, but it’s treasured as well. Above all else, this demonstrates that your peers respect and appreciate your guidance. Much like a leader, you’ve exhibited commendable signs of patience, understanding, and personability.

You’re Tasked With Leading Presentations
If you’re willing to direct meetings, it’s apparent that you’re ready to plunge into leadership duties. If a supervisor tasks you with this responsibility, it’s all the more evident that you boast the qualities of a leader. Others have undoubtedly taken note of your panache and expertise, and they feel confident in your abilities.

You Don’t Shy Away From The Word “No”
For those who lack moxie, it can be hard to put your foot down. Leaders, on the other hand, aren’t meek, and they don’t recoil in the face of confrontation. If you fit this bill, there’s a seat for you at the helm. You know when enough is enough, and you have no problem saying so. You realize that you can’t give it your all if your energy levels are being exhausted day in and day out.

Your Comfort Zone Is Ill-Defined
There’s no shame in having loose limits on your comfort zone. It means you’re willing to transcend the norm in pursuit of the unknown. Most people are tentative to explore outside of their comfort zones, but you both embrace and welcome exciting challenges. In your eyes, this provides an opportunity to diversify.

You’re Seldom Under The Microscope
The sole purpose of a superior is to keep their subordinates in order. If you rarely see or hear from your higher-ups, it’s because they trust that you’re doing exceptional work. If you’ve earned the trust of your executives, you’re a shoo-in.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. If you identified with any of the above descriptors, it might be time to dip your toes into the management waters. If you’re a true leader, you know that with great risk comes great reward, so you have nothing to lose by chasing this dream.

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