5 Technology Tips for the Hospitality Industry

Technology in hospitality has become transformational. It has provided opportunities to simplify just about every aspect of the hospitality industry. Some of the top hotels in the world have incorporated cutting-edge technology to earn guest accolades. Check out the 5 technology tips below with examples of how innovation is changing the hospitality industry and should be considered for your operations.

1. Reputation Management Technology

The reputation of a hotel or restaurant must be managed effectively. In fact, the first thing that potential customers look for is the rating of a hotel before they even think about staying there. Fortunately, there are technologies and platforms that simplify reputation management. You can be the first to know about negative reviews or feedback on social media that needs to be addressed .

2. Predictive Maintenance Software

Predictive maintenance in all areas of hospitality is valuable because it can help to support operational objectives with much greater effectiveness. Predictive maintenance software can provide alerts about what needs to be repaired long before an issue is visible to guests. In other words, you don’t have to wait until a system breaks down to have it repaired when you have predictive maintenance software.

3. Energy Management Systems

Of the many operational functions, energy management is one that has the potential to negatively impact the bottom line most. As a result, there are energy management systems that can employ smart thermostats to make adjustments that can lower energy costs. Depending on the size of a hotel that can make a tremendous difference. There are also machine learning components that can provide historical data so that internal changes can be made as necessary to HVAC systems.

4. Smart Data Protection

Data protection in hospitality is often a concern. As a result of technology, it’s a concern that can be managed with data solutions that accommodate the evolving needs of enterprises battling against system vulnerabilities. As the methods and strategies of hackers improve, so must the protection of data in hospitality.

5. Guest Relations Technologies

Technologies for guest relations has advanced in many ways. From automatic check-in to sensors that monitor occupancy, what’s possible today is simply remarkable. It can optimize many aspects of hospitality, especially functions that are customer-facing. Whether it’s enabling smart parking for guests or customized food services, it’s possible to provided a world-class experience with the use of technology.

These are some of the many possibilities in hospitality that can take your operations to the next level. In the coming years, there will be an increasing number of hotels and restaurants incorporating smart technologies. It will become a necessity to compete with other brands.

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