5 Things to Know About Becoming a Truck Driver

Driving is so liberating and gets you where you need to go. Wouldn’t it be great to do this all the time? If you are considering becoming a truck driver, here are the 5 things you need to know about truck driving as a career.

You Will Not Be Rich

A career in truck driving pays well but you will not become rich. You will be paid based on the number of miles you drive each week, your experience on the road, and the complexity of each load. Some jobs will require more work than others. It is a great way to earn extra money as a secondary income as well. A part-time job truck driving will net you a nice little bundle of cash.

Stress is Part of the Job

Truck driving can be a stressful job at times. The driving itself is the easiest part of the job, believe it or not. The stressful parts are dealing with your dispatcher, customers, and loading crews. A lot of your time is spent waiting to be loaded or unloaded. If you’re used to being busy all the time, sitting around waiting on others can be very frustrating.

It Can Be Hard to Maintain Relationships

It may be difficult to maintain some relationships since your hours are long and you may only be home a few days per month. You will have times when you are off duty for a “reset.” Truck drivers are only allowed to be on the road for a maximum of 14 hours per day and then have a mandatory 10 hours off.

Once you have worked your allotted 70 hours you will have a 36-hour reset or break, before you can resume working again. With this type of work schedule, you will have days off but you may not have enough time to go home in between. You won’t get to see your family as often or attend school functions.

Pay Structure is Different

The pay structure is different for truck drivers. Your pay is calculated differently than other jobs you have had in the past. You may be paid so much per mile or a certain amount per load. It varies between industries but for the most part, you are only earning money when your wheels are turning.

Living on the Road

It might be hard to imagine but you will be living on the road. Your truck will most likely have a sleeper which is where you spend your off time and sleep. Food is readily available at many fast-food restaurants and convenience stores. A hot shower is offered at many truck stops nationwide. You will eat, sleep, and live on the road as an over-the-road or OTR truck driver.

A job as a truck driver is very rewarding in the fact that you are earning a good living your family. If you enjoy driving, a career in truck driving may be right for you.

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