5 Things to Put in a Military Shadowbox

There are a lot of things that can go into a military shadowbox. Much of what goes in will depend on the size of the box as well as what you want to showcase.

American Flag
Upon retirement or death, the military will present you (or the family) with an American Flag. You can then choose to do the traditional triangular fold to place it inside of the box. It will allow you to have a safe place to preserve the flag for many years to come.

A variety of ribbons will be collected over the course of a military career. These are often worn on mess dress. Each ribbon will signify something different, such as rank, a war fought in, an honor received, or something else. The ribbon bars can be placed inside of the box to be shown off in a fashionable way.

Military challenge coins are popular across all branches of service. There are coins for individual units and wings as well as for bases, forts, and more. Some coins are given, others are earned or purchased. Many military servicemembers have more than one coin, especially if they have served for a significant amount of time. You can find shadowboxes that will allow you to place multiple coins on display.

Medals of Honor
You should also consider placing various medals received. All sorts of honors could be presented, from purple heart to post 9/11 awards. Whatever they might be, they should be displayed proudly. By placing them inside of a shadowbox, you can ensure that they are kept safe behind glass.

You might decide to place bits and pieces of a uniform inside of the shadowbox. This can be anything from a hat to some of the ribbons or rank pins that were displayed on the uniform when it was worn. Much of it will depend on what uniforms you had and how large the box is that you want to use for displaying everything.

There are plenty of things that you can place inside of a military shadowbox, including certificates, newspaper clippings, and more. Go through everything that you have and determine what is worthy of showing off. Even if you are missing a few items that you should have, it’s possible to order them online or obtain them at a nearby military base.

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