5 Tips for Great Winter Wedding Photography

Although many people wouldn’t agree that winter is the ideal season to get married in, it does provide the backdrop for incredibly beautiful wedding photography. If you’re a photographer shooting a couple getting married during the coldest season of the year in many geographic locations, you can apply your creativity and walk away from the event with some incredible shots.


Below, you’ll find out how to do just that. Here are five tips for great winter wedding photography.


#1: Add Color to Make the Pictures Pop


Remember that white snow paired with a white dress and white light is too much white. It will result in making your subjects look washed out. Instead, look for backgrounds with color and texture. That way, you have color to warm things up some. The addition of simple props in bright colors can significantly improve the look of your photos.


#2: Be Careful Not To Have Too Much Light


Again, too much white is a bad thing. It will be hard to distinguish where the snow starts and ends. Diffuse the natural light. Be mindful to choose locations where you’re not shooting in direct sunlight outdoors. A little light is fantastic, but too much can ruin every picture you’ve taken.


#3: Shoot RAW and Edit Later


You’re able to do so much more to edit the photos if you choose to shoot in RAW. It’s one thing that professional photographers agree on. You can change the look of the photos rather quickly because you have more options to select from in Photoshop. Remember, you can’t go back to the couple and ask to reshoot their wedding photographs, but you can always improve upon the RAW images you’ve captured.


#4: Focus on Contrast


Choose the location of the photos carefully. You can use trees to create contrast or even have the couple stand on a nearby bridge. If the venue has textured walls, take a few photos with the wedding party standing in front of it. Make sure that you’re able to create a distinguishable difference between light and dark in the pictures that you take.


#5: Use Natural Elements Whenever Possible


The outside world is full of beautiful props courtesy of Mother Nature. Find a few to use in the photos. Pine needles, pinecones, berries, and fallen leaves can be very beautiful additions to wedding photographs. Play around with the composition of these items for photos that tell a vivid story about the couple and their special day.


Stand Out as a Wedding Photographer in the Winter By Being Mindful


Make your winter wedding photos stand out. If you want to elevate the couple’s experience this season, you can do so easily by following the tips here. The photographs that you take will be outstanding in every way.

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