5 Tips to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

Having a patio is ideal for extending your living space during the warmer seasons. But, it can sometimes get a little too warm to be comfortable. Here are five tips that will help make your patio cooler this summer.

#1 Block the Sun

Unless you are working on your tan, the blazing sun on a hot day won’t make your patio very comfortable if it’s not shaded somehow.

  • Retractable awnings are great because you can have either sun or shade.
  • You can build a pergola over your patio. They’ll give you a little shade, while still letting some of the sun shine through.
  • Umbrellas are also perfect for shading you from the sun. They can either be freestanding or a part of a patio table.
  • You could think about some long-term shade, and plant some trees strategically around your patio to add shade.

#2 Is Your Patio Under a Roof?

If it is, then you already have the advantage of blocking a lot of the sun. But, on those really hot days, the heat can still be stifling. Both ceiling fans and floor fans will keep the air moving, giving you a gentle breeze to cool you down. You can even get a misting fan which incorporates droplets of water with the breeze for even more added comfort.

You could also consider enclosing the sides of your covered patio with screens. Having your patio enclosed, especially with tinted screens, gives you a much more controlled environment to maintain, and it also keeps the bugs out.

#3 Rugs Can Help

The floor of you patio will get very hot when it’s exposed to the direct sunlight, making it uncomfortable to walk on, especially without shoes. Rugs are an attractive way to create a comfortable surface to walk on. You’d want lighter colored rugs that are made to withstand the elements.

#4 Paint

Darker colors just attract more heat. Concrete patios will absorb a lot of heat as well. It’s amazing what a coat of lighter colored paint can do to cool things down on those sweltering summer days.

#5 How About a Bar?

It’s the perfect way to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated during the summer heat. You can always build one. But, all you really need is maybe a small frig or a cooler and a table for serving.

You really get a lot of benefits by keeping your patio cooler. You won’t be roasting in the sun. It makes for a great entertaining area, keeping the mess outside. And, a comfortable, cool patio is just a nice place to spend a summer day.

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