5 Tips to Motivate Your Construction Crew

Owners and managers of construction businesses understand how important motivated workers are to effective business operations. Simply put, you will not be able to meet construction deadlines if your workers are unwilling to work hard for you. The good news is there are a number of tips available to ensure the crewmembers on your construction teams remain as motivated as possible.

Define Expectations

Your employees need to know exactly what work you want them to do and how long they have to complete the project. There is no need for stress and formalities when delivering this message. It is perfectly fine to delegate responsibilities in a team huddle before the workday begins. Making expectations clear will establish accountability for workers and increases their understanding of their responsibilities.

Recognize Good Efforts

Your employees are either working to earn praise from you or trying to avoid your criticism. Some owners and managers make the mistake of using their employees’ desire to avoid scrutiny or criticism to motivate them. You are much more likely to earn the best efforts of your employees by engaging them and giving praise when they do a good job. There are a number of ways to employees can avoid criticism including avoiding supervisors, feigning hard work, or quitting the job. The only way to earn praise is to perform at a high level.

Maintain a Comfortable Atmosphere

People do not do well in environments that provide constant tension. Even when a timeline is approaching and your stress level is high, you would do well to shield your employees from this stress and maintain as carefree an environment for them as possible. A little stress can occasionally be a motivator. However, too much stress can easily chip away at the ability of your team to meet the goals set for them.

Remember Employees Have Lives

The job an employee has with your company is not the only role they play in life. They are also mothers, fathers, uncles, nieces, and so on. The construction projects you are working on are extremely important but you should also show concern for the personal lives of your employees. Making your employees aware that you care about them as people will earn both their loyalty and their best work.

Lead By Example

The eyes of your employees will always be on you. Your behavior should convey leadership and set an example for employees to follow at all times. You should display a good-natured approach to the work you do and show your employees the type of enthusiasm you would like them to show. You should also never let them see the stress of the job get the best of you.

The Bottom Line

Motivated workers are a must-have to consistently perform high-quality work and meet construction project deadlines. The five tips above provide an excellent foundation for creating a working environment that will encourage worker loyalty and motivation.

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