5 Unusual Things Found in Abandoned Storage Units

Storage units are designed to house items that people want to put away. Most people use a storage unit for furniture, personal belongings or a special object. However, some people place strange things inside of their units before them deserting them. Here are 5 unusual things found in abandoned storage units.

1. A Movie Prop from the Spy who Loved Me

ABC 7 News featured a story about an abandoned storage unit. This unit contained a submarine car that was used in the film the Spay who Loved Me. This is a James Bond movie from the late 70’s starring Roger Moore. No one is certain how this special spy car ended up in the storage unit. A man had purchased the contents of the storage unit for $100. He didn’t know that the car was used in the film until people who saw the movie told him. Once he found out, he ended up selling the vehicle for a million dollars.

2. A NASA Rocket was Found by Professional Auction Hunters

There is an auction hunting show on a cable network called Spike TV. The show features two guys by the name of Allen Haff and Clinton Jones who travel around the country bidding on abandoned storage units. Mentalfloss states that in one episode the duo bid $1500 for the contents of storage compartment. They then opened the storage unit and discovered a real NASA rocket and a countdown clock. Haff and Clinton decided to sell the rocket and clock back to NASA, but the space program didn’t want the dated items.

3. Dead Remains from an Irresponsible Daughter

A daughter had her mother’s casket. She was trying to take her mother’s casket to a funeral home to be buried. However, her car broke down. Once her car broke down, the casket was somehow rerouted to a storage shed. The daughter left the storage shed and never returned. About 17 years later the contents of this storage unit were found. The people who opened the storage compartment discovered her mother’s dead remains. The daughter died at the age of 95. On her deathbed she confessed what she did.

4. Nicolas Cage and Super Man

In the 1990s Nicolas Cage was a famous actor. In 2000, his home was burglarized. He lost a first edition Super Man comic. The comic turned up 11 years later in a storage shed in the San Fernando Valley.

5. A Barbecued Human Leg

A man lost his leg. He decided to put it inside of a storage unit. He couldn’t afford the payments and lost his leg. Another person brought the contents and found the leg inside of a smoker within the unit. He made money off the leg until the amputee wanted his leg back.

These are just some of the strangest stories ever recorded about human behavior. They go to show that people will do some of the weirdest things. If you ever decide to store something strange inside of storage unit, make sure you get it out before someone else does.

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