5 Ways to Condition Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Taking the time to condition your vehicle for the arrival of cold winter weather helps you enjoy greater peace of mind during the holiday season. By making a few simple preparations now, you may save yourself considerable aggravation (and expense) later. You can focus on enjoying the holiday season without worrying your vehicle won’t operate well during chill driving conditions. These five useful conditioning measures offer assistance:

One: Replace The Spark Plugs

Particularly if you haven’t replaced your engine’s spark plugs in some time, take the opportunity to visit your auto mechanic and request a new set. You’ll help enhance your vehicle’s ability to start reliably during cold weather. Taking this simple step may also give your car the extra “oomph” required to tackle steep road gradients without stalling.

Two: Fix Cracked Windows

Has your windshield sustained any nicks or cracks? Take action now to have this damage repaired ahead of the arrival of subzero temperatures. Most auto glass includes a layer of protective transparent plastic inside the glass. If you’ve sustained even a small crack during the summer, the arrival of cold weather may cause smaller abrasions to enlarge as the plastic contracts and expands in response to changing seasonal temperatures. If you’ve ever suffered the misfortune of watching a tiny fissure in a windshield gradually extend across the entire length of the window, you’ll appreciate the urgency of correcting this problem. Skilled auto glass repairers can usually offer affordable repair services for fixing small cracks and bull’s eye dings.

Three: Apply Protective Exterior Wax

During colder months if you reside in areas subject to extensive sleet and snow, your vehicle’s body may sustain damage from flying roadside debris. Highway departments sometimes de-ice roadways by applying gravel or chemically treated sand. These materials can cling to hubcaps and car bodies during slushy conditions. To minimize the damage to your vehicle’s glossy paint, consider applying a protective coating. For best results, use a formulation recommended by your auto mechanic.

Four: Replace The Windshield Wipers

Replace your windshield wipers prior to the arrival of winter rain and snow. Also make sure you maintain a full reserve of windshield wiper fluids to assist in removing unwanted debris from the windshield during heavy storms. These measures helps you visualize the road more clearly during inclement weather.

Five: Test Your Snow Chains

If you reside in mountainous areas subject to heavy snowfalls, secure any required snow chains ahead of the arrival of cold weather. Some jurisdictions instruct drivers to use these tread-reinforcing tools under certain conditions. Chains may help promote safer winter RV driving.

Invest in Auto Care

By replacing spark plugs, fixing cracked auto glass, applying paint coat protection, replacing windshield wipers and obtaining snow chains, you’ll help prepare your vehicle for winter conditions. Taking these steps usually promotes greater peace of mind. You can tackle winter driving with confidence this year!

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