5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Long Distance Move

As a parent, choosing to move is a huge decision and one that affects your kids as well. This is especially the case if you’re moving long distance. Such a move is not only exciting, but scary at the same time. Your kids may have even protested and told you they want to stay at your current home, but when you have already settled on the move, they don’t have a choice. However, there are five ways you can better prepare your kids for a long distance move that can make things easier on them and you.

Communicate Early and Often

Communicate with your children early on and often about the move. Involve them in any discussions about it and about how it will be a journey for the entire family. Instill in them that this long distance move will be better for all of you in the long run. Tell them about how it will be an adventure and something to look forward to as they will make new friends and have great new experiences in their new school and neighborhood.

Get Them Involved

One of the best ways to ease any fears or anxiety your children have about a long distance move is to involve them in the process. You’re going to have a new home and your kids will have a new room or rooms, which is always exciting. Ask them about any ideas they have about how they would like their rooms to be decorated. This is a good way to get them enthusiastic about the move because it’s something to which they can look forward.

Listen to Them

Children tend to have many fears, anxieties and even phobias. Moving is a stressful enough situation that can cause all three issues to arise in your kids. Take the time to really listen to anything they have to say about the long distance move. If your kids have questions or concerns, really listen to them and answer them in a compassionate and sensitive manner. It can help when you begin the journey of moving.

Purge Before Packing

Something that must be done before any move is to get rid of certain things before you pack. Undoubtedly, your children have many toys and clothing, but there’s a good chance that some of those items are no longer used, cherished or even fit. Get together with the kids to choose which items should go and which they’ll take during the move. You can even make it a game for them to get them more enthusiastic. Clothing, toys and electronics can be donated or sold.

Surprise Them

You can really get the kids excited about moving long distance by promising them a surprise once you get to your new home. You can treat them to ice cream or a movie, a fun game they love or even take them to adopt a new pet. The sky’s the limit with this one.

These are the best five ways to make a long distance move easier when you have kids. Preparing them for such a huge transition in life makes the process less stressful.

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