5 Ways to Promote Vaccinations in the Workplace

Vaccination is a safe way to prevent illness (e.g. influenza) from spreading in the workplace. Recent vaccine skepticism has caused many people to forgo vaccination, which is a dangerous move to themselves and those around them. If you want your workplace to be healthy, promoting vaccination will greatly increase the likelihood that your workplace will be free of influenza and other life- threatening illnesses.
You can promote vaccinations in the workplace in the following ways:
1. Spread the Word
Spread the word about the benefits of getting vaccinated by posting posters around the workplace, distributing pamphlets, and including it in newsletters or company emails. The more that you promote vaccination, the more likely employees who never considered it will start considering it and employees who were originally against it will start considering the benefits of it.
2. Allow Time-Off to Receive Vaccinations
Employees may use the excuse that they cannot find the time to make an appointment with their doctors’ offices to get vaccinated. Since having your employees vaccinated is an issue that you much care about for the sake of workplace, allow time-off that does not cut into their already paid-time off to get the necessary vaccinations. Time out of the office can be an incentive for some employees.
3. Hold Vaccine Educational Meetings
There is a lot of misinformation about vaccinations out there that deters people from getting vaccinated. You will need to combat vaccine skepticism in order to get your employees who are anti-vaccination to get vaccinated. Hosting vaccine educational meetings where you present information that is supported by credible medical organizations or have a reputable medical professional in to present information about vaccinations and answer any questions skeptics may have will make it much more likely that your anti-vaccination employees will get vaccinated.
4. Offer to Pay for Vaccination, Refer to Free Clinics, and Implement Company Policy
If your employees’ benefit packages do not cover vaccinations, offer to pay for the vaccination for them or refer to clinics that will vaccinate them for free so they cannot use not being able to pay for it as an excuse. If having your employees vaccinated is that pressing of an issue, especially if you serve a population that is prone to getting sick (e.g. children, the elderly, disabled, or ill), mandate that your employees get vaccinated and if they fail to do so, they will be subject to termination.
5. Host Free Onsite Vaccine Clinics
Hosting free onsite vaccine clinics will eliminate your employees needing to take time off, having to find a clinic or open doctors’ appointment, and needing to pay to get vaccinated. Hosting a free onsite vaccine clinic where they can simply get vaccinated at work and be monitored throughout the day by the medical professionals who are there for adverse reactions will make it much more likely they will get vaccinated.

The time and money spent on promoting vaccination will be well-compensated by the benefits it provides. Vaccination will benefit your company and employees by reducing illnesses being spread in the workplace, lowering the number of absences employees take, increasing productivity as a result of less absences, and increasing morale. Combating vaccine skepticism and making getting vaccinated accessible are they keys to a healthier workplace.

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