6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Crawlspace Pest Free

There’s something deeply unpleasant about climbing into your crawlspace and finding unwelcome guests. Fortunately, it’s possible to reclaim your space. With work and the right tools, you can evict household pests and restore your crawlspace to a clean, safe environment.

1. Mothballs
One of the first things you might consider buying are mothballs. However, before you do, it’s important to consider the health risks associated with mothballs. Mothballs usually only drive away moths and their larvae, and may not work against other pests. Instead of using mothballs, keep the crawlspace thoroughly cleaned.

2. Clean Regularly
Keeping the crawlspace clean is the best way to deter pests. The first step is to reduce clutter. Undisturbed piles of paper, boxes, clothes and other items give pests spaces to hide and nest. Removing these spaces will make it more difficult for pests to settle. Regular cleaning discourages moisture and fungus, which can do a great deal of damage to your home.

3. Encourage Natural Predators
In most cases, spiders aren’t pests. In fact, spiders are nature’s pest control; they eat the bugs that might be inhabiting your home.

If spiders are the pest you’re trying to get rid of, remove their food source and knock down their webs. With nothing to eat and nowhere to make a web, the spiders will leave on their own.

4. Seal Entrances
Inspect the area thoroughly. How are pests getting in? Once you’ve located potential openings, consider sealing them with spray foam insulation. If bugs and other creatures are continuously burrowing through a dirt floor, pouring a concrete foundation will stop them.

Depending on your situation and the shape your crawlspace is in, you could also consider caulking, fresh wood paneling or new windows/screens.

5. Prevent Moisture
Standing water attracts pests and causes home damage. If you frequently encounter standing water or excessive moisture in your crawlspace, consider installing a dehumidifier. Even in the winter, when air is dry, a dehumidifier will keep pests at bay and ensure your air is free of toxins or mold.

Aside from mold and fungus, standing water gives bugs, rats, mice and other rodents a water supply.

6. Set Traps
Finally, if you have an active pest problem, you’re going to want to set some traps. There are a wide variety of these available on the market, so do your homework (or contact a professional) before purchasing. Ideally, you should select humane traps; ones that either allow for relocation of pests, or kill them quickly and painlessly.

These steps make it easy to fortify your home against pests. Stop these unwelcome guests from moving in or coming back. Your home will be cleaner, and safer, for you and your family.

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