6 Essentials for Easter

Easter is right around the corner, and because the holiday falls on such a relatively late date this year (Easter 2018 took place on 1 April, while Easter 2019 will take place on 21 April), those who plan to celebrate will be able to enjoy some awesome weather while they do so.


Additionally, celebrators can make the most of the occasion by featuring some simple and straightforward Easter essentials at their gatherings.


To help everyone get the most out of Easter, let’s take a look at six holiday essentials!


1. Tasty Foods


As a general rule, tasty foods are must-have ingredients in the recipe for Easter success.


Between party hosts and guests, these foods should include ample appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Anyone who’s unsure of what to serve on Easter would do well to stick with brunch foods—bagels, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, donuts, and the like.


Most Easter celebrations take place in the morning or the afternoon, and brunch foods are light and filling enough for those times of the day.


2. Fun Decorations


Fun decorations will help to establish a welcoming and exciting atmosphere at an Easter celebration. Don’t work around the clock purchasing and arranging these decorations, either; simple will suffice.


Plastic Easter eggs, Easter signs, and other, similar decorations—those that require just a few minutes to arrange—will impress.


3. Baskets for the Children


Children love searching for Easter baskets, and Easter celebrations wouldn’t be the same without collections of treats for the kids to find.


Be sure to make a basket for each child who will be present; these baskets don’t have to be huge by any means. It’s the thought that counts, and similarly, the excitement of finding said baskets is unparalleled.


As such, Easter baskets should be carefully hidden—not handed to the recipients!


Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that while adults are too old to hunt for Easter baskets, they usually don’t mind receiving an Easter treat or two!


4. Family and Friends


Easter is all about coming together. But because the holiday isn’t quite as all-encompassing as Christmas, many people and families spend the day at home.


As such, a good rule for Easter parties is, “When in doubt, send an invitation out!”


If more people attend an Easter party, more people will enjoy Easter. Don’t think twice about inviting as many individuals as possible; that’s more or less the meaning of the holiday—togetherness.


5. An Outdoor Set-Up


Even if the weather isn’t perfect—although this Easter once again seems well-suited to bring stellar weather with it—Easter celebrations should be equipped with an outdoor set-up.


By April, most everyone is excited to get back outside after the long winter; they can’t do so during an Easter gathering if a table and some chairs, at the very least, aren’t placed outside.


Just having the option to relax outdoors will mean a lot to Easter celebrators.


6. A Clear-Cut Schedule


Last but certainly not least, a clear-cut schedule is a must for Easter celebrations.


Given that Easter always occurs on Sunday, many individuals work during the following Monday (and here’s to those who are fortunate enough to have the day off!).


But in all seriousness, scheduling an Easter party for the afternoon, delaying the time at which the food will be served, and otherwise failing to follow a clear-cut schedule will make having fun difficult for friends and family members who are set to work on Monday.


These essentials are sure to make Easter celebrations memorable for all the right reasons. With the benefit of warm weather, Easter 2019 looks as though it’ll be pleasant and fun. (And in any case, this year’s Easter will be a step up from last year’s, which was wrought with April Fools’ Day pranks!)

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