6 Problems With Trying to Handle a Move Yourself

Moving can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve wrecking events in life. You are all ready to get started with your new adventure, but there is just one thing standing in your way. The move! Moving is a major task and there is a lot that can go wrong if you do not leave it to the professionals. This article will describe the challenges that come when attempting to handle a move all by yourself.

1. Losing articles happens all the time during moves. Professional movers offer packing services and it is worth the extra money! When you pack yourself (especially larger homes), you try to squeeze as much as you can in each box and don’t pack in a manner that will make unpacking an easy task. You set yourself up for a major headache when your things do arrive. Professional movers pack and label boxes strategically, so when your things are delivered to your new pad, they are placed in the correct room and are ready to be put away. The last thing you want to deal with when you finally get to your new home, is search through every box for your most needed items.
2. Damaging articles happens frequently. As discussed within #1, when people do moves on their own, they often try to pack as much as possible in each box to limit the number they ultimately have to move. This almost always leads to damaged things. There is nothing more disappointing then unpacking your things and finding a bunch of broken glass. Letting the professional handle the packing will save you a major headache.
3. Damage to your old and/or new home happens. If you have ever tried moving a heavy couch, a piano or a bookshelf, there is a good chance you nicked up your wall or scratched your floors. This happens all the time when people attempt to move on their own. Professional movers come equipped with an appropriately sized crew, and understand when they need to disassemble pieces of furniture to avoid scratching the walls and/or floors. You can also add mover’s insurance so if there is damage, you will be covered.
4. It is easy to injure yourself when moving. Moving heavy pieces of furniture often ends up with a strained back. It is recognized as one of the most common ways of injuring your back.
5. Moving is time consuming. Attempting to move on your own can take a tremendous amount of time, even if you are able to bribe a couple friends. Professionals are much more efficient at handling a move.

6. It is exhausting to move on your own. Moving on your own is a physically and mentally exhausting process and can damper what should be an exciting time in your life.

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