6 Surprising Facts to Know About Prepaid Phones

Prepaid cell phones are trusted and utilized by a considerable number of individuals today. But some potential customers—especially those who’ve long used a traditional cell phone and monthly plan—aren’t sold on the merits of the devices.


To help these individuals see why prepaid phones are so awesome (and to provide useful information to other interested phone users), let’s take a look at six surprising facts to know about prepaid mobile devices!


1. A Variety of Models are Available


When most people think of prepaid phones, they envision plain, boring, and overly simple flip phones. (Sorry, flip phone lovers; and don’t worry, as prepaid flip phones are available.) They’re probably thinking of prepaid phones from 15 years ago. Today’s prepaid phones include a plethora of models and editions, some of which are flip phones, others of which are smartphones.


All of which are high-quality phones.


2. Prepaid Phones Are Affordable


In an effort to better compete with traditional cell phone service providers, prepaid phone companies (those that don’t feature contract divisions) have made their services and devices affordable and accessible. Many state-of-the-art phones can be bought for $20—including an introductory service plan!


3. All the Major Cell Phone Service Providers Have Prepaid Divisions


Anyone worried about the quality of service provided by a prepaid cell phone plan should, well, stop worrying. The truth is that today’s most popular and well-known cell phone service providers—Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others—also have prepaid divisions. These prepaid divisions utilize the exact same cell phone towers as the subscription divisions.


And that means that customers receive identical coverage and service.


4. Some Prepaid Services Allow Consumers to Switch SIM Cards


This point might seem confusing at a glance, but it couldn’t be simpler. Prepaid cell phone services can be used on nearly every mobile device in the world. All phones contain a SIM card, which allows the unit at-hand to connect to service towers. By switching SIM cards (a matter of minutes), cell phone users can set their devices up with prepaid services.


It doesn’t get much easier than that.


5. Prepaid International Plans Can Be Purchased


For those who’re on the move—around the world, that is—prepaid international cell phone plans will undoubtedly prove useful. These plans cost a bit more than their domestic counterparts, but they provide users with the ability to call and text in an abundance of countries.


6. Already-Affordable Prices are Still Improving


Prepaid cell phones’ affordable prices are becoming more affordable; competition between leading companies is causing the prices consumers pay to drop, drop, and drop some more. It’s hard to argue against more savings!


There’s never been a better time than now to join Team Prepaid Cell Phone. The cost and convenience benefits associated with doing so cannot be understated.

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