6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Foglight

Foglight is what is known as an application performance monitoring (APM) tool. It is usually used by larger companies, but smaller companies have found it just as useful. It helps find the performance issues that may affect web applications and databases. It can help with the launch of new products or help get an older product back to being productive. Here are six uses for the product.

Database management

People already know this is a feature of Foglight. Companies that rely on websites and colleges both use this feature to make what they offer to others even better. These customers are able to make the database quicker, which means searches and usage will be easier for everyone. That helps remove many headaches.


Companies that start out small have to worry about mobile and cloud migration when they need more space. That is something that this APM can help with. This is a built in feature and can help when a company grows to the point they need larger servers. An easier migration allows for less notice by everyone.

Application launch

One of the times that companies have to worry the most is usually the launch. A failed launch can stop further sales and cause the company to gain a bad reputation. With all the money put into early marketing and interviews, any problems can be fatal. Keeping the back end of the software running smoothly will be less of a headache with this APM.


There are many stories of nightmares caused by an upgrade gone wrong. Foglight can help with some of the issues. With an ability to manage the databases and back end issues, the APM can be there to smooth away many headaches that have run customers away.

User experience

The customers of a product have to be kept happy or they change what they use. Monitoring what happens as people do different things with the software is vital to keep the end user happy. Paying attention to what is happening will allow the company to know what happens when customers find new uses for their software.

Incident management

There are always problems with the software. Keeping track of these issues will help a company make the product better. Knowing these issues can also help make future products better. This allows for a company to use problems in a productive way.

Foglight has many uses beyond the database management that people primarily know of. As a product stays on the market, people constantly find new uses. That is why knowing what is available now will help with the future uses for others. It is just about studying the product.

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