7 Dress Trends From Prom Season 2019

Today’s teens know how to put on a show. Kids and parents spend close to $1000 on prom night and all of its trappings. Every year, the trends are bold and beautiful, and these seven are no exception.

1.Sound the trumpets

The trumpet dress, also called the mermaid, is named for its dramatic flared shape. A straight-line skirt widens at the hem, forming a circular train around the wearer. The effect is that of a striking silhouette rising out of a pool of satin–suitably cinematic for the modern prom experience.

2.Vintage sweetness

The sweetheart-neck dress appeared during the Italian Renaissance. But today’s prom-goers probably first glimpsed it onscreen, in a scene where a princess appears on a staircase. The scalloped neckline traces the décolletage; the off-the-shoulder cut bares shoulders and collarbones. This design is perfect for someone who adores timeless glamour.

3.Slipping away

Slinky and simple, the slip dress was popularized in the ’90s by Kate Moss and her gaggle of supermodels. Its minimalist style stands out in a sea of beads and sequins. Liquid-like silk pours over the body’s curves, while slender spaghetti straps show off the arms.

4.Red alert

Fortune, power, vitality–these are just a few of the qualities we associate with the color red. Prom is a red letter day for many teenagers, so it’s no wonder crimson dresses are trending. Red gowns come in shades for every skin tone, from deep burgundies to vibrant poppy hues.

5.Yes to mesh

For the free-spirited prom-goer, there’s nothing worse than a stiff, boring dress. A short dress with a long mesh overlay mingles fun with elegance. Flowing folds of mesh, often embroidered, put a bohemian twist on the classic prom dress.

6.In two pieces

It’s not just for bathing suits. The common two-piece prom dress draws inspiration from the ghagra choli, an Indian garment with two components: a cropped bodice (choli) and full, floor-sweeping skirt (ghagra). The complete dress exposes a prom-appropriate strip of skin. It’s fresh, flattering, and a great way to experiment with unusual fabrics.

7.Night of the neutrals

Neutral-toned gowns quietly stole the show at prom 2019. In this case, neutral isn’t gray; it’s shades of champagne, blush, and nude. These delicate beige-like tones offset the wearer’s skin. They provide a canvas for sparkly beading and heavy metal jewelry.

Over time, one can view the evolution of fashion through the lens of one big night: prom. Thanks to social media, teenagers are designing, curating, and photographing epic prom experiences. Prom is the moment to let your personal style shine. The annual trends are an excellent barometer for youth culture, and the memories are everlasting.

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