How-to Choose a Functional yet Cute Workout Outfit

Showing up to the gym in an outfit that mirrors your personality in a cute way is half of the fun of a work out. Regardless of what your niche is, in the gym, it’s important to pick the proper attire that matches your fitness activity. Let’s take an in depth look at some of the equipment we will be using and what we expect of its functionality so we can find a balance of effective, and cute.

What is your yoga style? Vibrant and warm, or loud and energetic. It really depends on the day doesn’t it? Yoga clothing often comes in some of the most attractive colors that we will find in any clothing. Choose a color that mimics the way you want to feel while on the pad. Functionality is a very important aspect of a sport that aims to achieve a very generous amount of flexibility from you body. When purchasing yoga clothing, make sure to put the extra money where it counts; on the good equipment. Make sure it fits correctly. We don’t want to be showing too much skin on the downward dog, or interrupt our zen with an elastic wedgie in our favorite poses. It’s common to go barefoot in a yoga class, but if that’s not your thing, aim for a sock designed to make you feel as naked as your feet wish to be. The 5 Unwritten Rules of Yoga Clothes

Weight Lifting/Cross-fit
We expect to sweat when we pump iron or flip tires. We intend to sweat, allot! looser fitting clothes that enable us to perform quick cleans or un-encumbered pull-ups, are ideal in the gym. A breathable fabric that doesn’t collect sweat is also a must have. We want to look our best while we perform our best, so let’s make sure to show skin in all the right places. A pair of more rugged trainers, like a trail shoe, will stand up well to the abuse that you put on the tarmac, while still offering you the flexibility and functionality that you expect out of your gear. Dressing to Lift

Distance Running is a form of moving meditation, while short distance sprints are the pinnacle of will, focus and determination. Which is your style? Your wardrobe will mimic your needs. Runners should always be aware of the weather in which they practice. Shoe’s should mimic the conditions of tarmac, ice or trail. Clothes should offer functionality, lightweight construction, and should also protect you from the elements. We don’t want to run on cold joints, or collect sweat in our garments on our run. Choosing Your Shoes

Celebrating your fitness is one of the greatest joys of being a human. When we train in the gear that allows us to perform our greatest and express who we are, we find ourselves in a place where we can do the best with what we have. Whether we are putting miles on the tarmac, or grinding out the reps of a squat, dressing in a way thats suits our styles enhances us in a way that can only be truly experienced, rather than talked about.

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