How to Choose the Right Public Cloud Service

Cloud Services have really revolutionized over the past few years. They used to be just a storage depot. Currently the trend is that many applications run directly in the cloud. This makes choosing the right cloud services even more critical for individuals and business owners.

Finding a cloud service to fit your needs can be a little tricky. It is a good idea to do your research before signing up and customizing the cloud settings or transferring your information. User customization is an essential tool for excellent cloud service. An extensive administrative panel in a secured web platform is also important. Some cloud services integrate web services in their business solutions profiles. This allows you to customize the infrastructure settings instead of taking the time and spending the money to do everything yourself. Some of the better cloud services also allow you to access and run servers just as you need them, that is a nice feature to have in a cloud service.

Make sure you choose a cloud service that is compatible with your operating system, and that is reported on well. Some servers are easier to set up, have easier and faster transfer capabilities, and excellent customer support and documentation. The customer support and documentation aspects are vital because if you need assistance they will be right there to solve your problems quickly.

Those are the essential things to look for in a cloud service. As for choosing the right service for you, it is important you know what your cloud service needs are. Here is a little checklist of questions to ask yourself to help you determine your cloud service needs:

  • What are the cloud services available for your operating system?
  • What services are you looking for from a cloud platform?
  • Do you need web application hosting?
  • Do you need a cloud service that is just cloud-based or is integrated with virtual and hardware servers?
  • Do you want a cloud service that is just public?
  • Do you want a service that is not only public but also comprised of private and management networks?
  • Do you want a predominately data center based service to bypass some internet security risks and have a more secure platform in the cloud?
  • What kind of budget do you have for a cloud service?
  • What cloud features are important to your needs?

These are a few questions that once answered will help you choose the right service for your cloud needs. Some great free cloud services come with security guidance, server monitoring and reporting. Consider the questions above and then you are ready to sign up for a cloud service that meets your needs.

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