How to Find the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams on a Timeframe

Finding the perfect wedding dress is no easy task, especially if you are dress-hunting with a tight deadline. Shopping around for the best designs while trying to find the perfect fit for a challenge–but with the right know-how, you’ll find your perfect choice in no time.

Getting the Dress
From the moment you said “yes” up until the day you say “I do”, the pressure to find that special dress will keep building. If you’re in a hurry but still hoping to find “the one”, there is still hope for you. Keep reading for our best dress-finding tips.

1. Be Practical
The “perfect” dress may not be exactly what you had in mind. If your wedding date is around the corner and you are still searching, the best dress you can find is the one that is a practical purchase. That means choosing a dress that flatters you the most, fits within your budget and will be ready in time for the big day.

Oftentimes, brides-to-be get blinded by the fantasy of having the ultimate wedding, and the extravagant dress to go with it. Instead of holding out for the inaccessible high fashion pick you had hoped for, try a simpler version with a smaller price tag. Though it may not be what you imagined, choosing an alternative may work out much better than expected.

2. Go for Comfort
When searching for your wedding day attire, it can be tempting to forego comfort for price, design, time, or availability. This, however, is the fastest way to ruin your wedding day. If you are wearing the wrong size wedding dress, not only will you be uncomfortable, at best, and, at worst, you may find that you don’t fit into it at all on the big day. Do yourself a favor and make sure your final choice is something that fits comfortably and looks good. Though you will only be wearing it for one day, the feelings from your wedding day will stay with you forever.

3. Stick with Your Style
When you are searching through racks at your local bridal store, make sure to shop with your own personal style in mind. While you may have always dreamed of a princess style wedding, you may feel awkward wearing a frilly design if you aren’t used to dressing that way. Consider your daily fashion choices and try to keep them in mind as you shop.

No matter how much time you have to get your shopping done, following these tips will help you finalize your plans for the big day. Remember to keep your shopping practical, make sure the fit is comfortable, and keep your purchases in your regular style. Don’t forget–the right dress is the one that is right for you.

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