How to Handle a Car Accident on Private Property

Typically, car accidents take place on a public roadway or at a public location such as a supermarket. However, it is possible for vehicles to collide on your home, farm or other private location. What should you do if a car accident takes place on property that is owned by yourself or another individual?

Do You Have Auto Insurance?

As a general rule, any accident involving a motor vehicle will be handled by your auto insurance company. In the event that the the other party is at fault for the crash, your insurance company may contact the other person’s provider to seek compensation for damages incurred. If the party who is at fault doesn’t have insurance, he or she may need to pay damages out of his or her own pocket.

Will a Homeowners Policy Cover Car Accident Damages?

In some cases, a homeowners policy may cover the cost of medical treatment related to bodily injury. It is a good idea to contact your insurance agent to see what role this policy would play in a car accident that takes place on your property. If the accident occurred on the premises of a business that you own, a business insurance policy may help to pay for some or all of the damage that the company is liable for.

Make Sure to Contact the Police

The police will generally not be able to determine who was at fault for an accident that occurs on private property. However, an officer can create a report, take statements from witnesses and take other steps to document what happened. This may make it easier to convince an insurance company to pay any claim that you submit. It can also be helpful in obtaining a favorable outcome during settlement talks or a personal injury trial.

Document the Damage Yourself

As with an accident that occurs on a public road, be sure to gather as much evidence at the crash scene as possible. This may mean taking pictures, talking with witnesses or seeking out any video that was taken of the crash as it occurred. If you seek medical treatment, be sure to get a copy of a doctor’s note or other records of your visit.

While you can never predict when a car accident will occur, you can prepare for what to do in its aftermath. Make a point to review your insurance policies to ensure that you are protected if anything bad happens on your property. Furthermore, be sure to always have a camera in your glove compartment or security cameras on your property to quickly document events as they happen.

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