How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces in Your Wardrobe

There’s no doubt that vintage clothing is having a moment these days. From the Duchess of Sussex to Kim Kardashian, many of the glitterati have recently been experimenting with fabulous vintage fashions as of late. More and more, people are starting to see that it can be eco-friendly and fun to wear vintage. But for those who have spent most of their lives purchasing apparel from garment stores, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to start incorporating vintage pieces into a look. Here are some of the best ways to wear vintage when you’re just starting out.

Accessorize and Start Simple-Think Grandmom’s Brooches
Chances are that you already have a few vintage pieces lying about your house; you just don’t wear them! If you’ve inherited some beautiful costume jewelry, it’s time to break it out of the box and start looking for outfits with which you can pair it. Brooches are having a moment, so be certain to pull out your blazers and examine which pins might work with them. Ditto goes for any vintage scarves you may happen to have in your closet. Try wrapping one around your head or neck and see how it looks. When you’re just starting to add some vintage to your repertoire, it’s okay to start out subtle. By gradually accenting your wardrobe with vibrant vintage pieces, you’ll undoubtedly start to generate compliments from friends and strangers alike.

Think about Statement Pieces Vs. Basics
Chances are that you have some basics in your closet—perhaps a black skirt, a neutral pair of pants, etc. When you’re thinking about adding some vintage pieces into the mix, consider wearing your regular black skirt but then pairing it with an extraordinary vintage jacket you’ve found. It’s also easy to accessorize with vintage handbags. A Sylvia Cee purse from the eighties, for instance, will completely transform your outfit for the better. The same goes for a motorcycle jacket from the seventies.

Replace Fast Fashion with Vintage
Instead of heading to a trendy and cheap department store for a flashy new sequined top, go to your local thrift shop and peruse the aisles. You may be surprised by what you find—and it will probably be cheaper than what you’d discover at the mall. The best thing about vintage pieces is that they’re usually quite rare. Therefore, you won’t run into as many people wearing the same thing as you. When you buy from stores like Forever 21 and H&M, this is always a risk. By opting for vintage over fast fashion, you’re ensuring that your Instagram feed will stay relatively free of “copies”—and you’re dramatically reducing the chances of having your favorite frenemy comment that they have the same blouse as you!

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