How to Keep Your Dorm Organized

One of the many challenges facing college students today is how to keep their dorm rooms organized. Some aren’t used to living in a smaller space and may need additional assistance keeping things neat and tidy. Others may have no issue remaining organized themselves but find that living with a roommate may be nothing like they anticipated spatially.


If you live in a dorm and want to make the most of your personal space, there are many things you can do to help yourself become more organized. Consider this short but helpful guide a resource for you to refer to when you struggle with cleaning and clutter.


Invest in Items with Dual Purposes


Think of the storage capabilities of every item you buy for your dorm room. Can a piece of furniture hold something else that you own? Can you repurpose an item to make it more functional and space-saving? If you can, you’ll benefit from a tidier space naturally because you’re able to hide things out of view of plain sight.


Do Laundry Regularly or Limit the Clothing You Wear


One of the things that add to dorm room clutter quickly is dirty laundry. If you love clothes but can’t wash them fast enough to keep them from being a problem, consider creating a capsule wardrobe. Based on the concept that ‘less is more,’ it narrows your choices to a few select items that you’re able to mix and match easily. Convertible clothing is another choice to look into as it can be worn in multiple ways by simply snapping its snaps on different areas on the body.


Rearrange Furniture Inside the Space


Most dorm rooms are set-up in a specific way to increase the amount of space available for college students. If you find the layout of the room isn’t to your liking, move items around to make things feel less cluttered. Take advantage of all the nooks and crannies as well as the wall space and space over doors. For example, over-the-door shoe holders come with multiple pouches for storing shoes but can be used to hold toiletries, art supplies, or even the various chargers and power cords you need for the electronics you and roommate own.


Make Your Dorm Room Look and Feel More Spacious by Organizing It


Your dorm room is a reflection of you. If it’s chaotic and disorganized, you’ll likely feel the same way yourself. By spending some time working on the appearance of your living space, you’ll feel considerably better. Your stuff will feel less out of place, and you will, too!

You can easily make changes by investing in better storage options, adopting a capsule wardrobe or doing laundry often, and rearranging the furniture inside your space. The way you organize your dorm room contributes to your educational success. You’ll have a clean, comfortable space free of clutter to study, relax, and entertain friends in.

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