How to Prepare Your Car to Be Shipped

If you’re looking to move overseas or to an area that’s not accessible by car, then you’ll need to have your vehicle shipped. A professional car shipping company will be more than happy to assist you. Once you’ve found one you can trust, it’s time to start prepping your vehicle.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare your car to be shipped.

Give Your Car a Wash

Before the time comes for your car to be shipped, you want to prepare it ahead of time. The first thing you should do is wash your car. Over time, your car ends up collecting a lot of dust and dirt, which tends to conceal blemishes, scratches and dings. Washing your vehicle before the car shipping company arrives to pick it up will allow you to see if any damage occurred while it was in their care.

Do Not Fill the Gas Tank

Some people tend to fill up their car’s gas tank before the company comes to pick it up. However, there’s really no point in doing this. The car shipping company isn’t transporting your car by driving it. Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning that having a full gas tank can make your car heavier, which puts it at risk of being damaged during shipment. Try to leave as little gas in your tank as possible.

Turn the Alarm Off

Don’t forget to turn off the alarm in your car. If it goes off, it can make people think that the company is stealing your car. Obviously, you want to avoid this, so be sure to double check if you turned the alarm off.

Clean the Inside of the Car

All the sudden movement that comes with transporting your vehicle can cause the items in your car to be scattered everywhere. Be sure to clean out the inside of your car and remove everything that’s not fastened to it. This includes things like any loose change, air fresheners and your favorite pair of fuzzy dice.

Keep it Locked

After everything is done, it’s time to lock up your car. Locking your car is also a way to keep things from being stolen during transport. Your car shouldn’t be accessible until the delivery is made.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to have your car shipped. You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to your car. Take the necessary precautions and choose a company you feel comfortable with.

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