How to Throw a Spy Birthday Party with Decoder Glasses

What can be more exciting and fun than throwing a spy-themed birthday party, a spy birthday party with decoder glasses? A spy theme birthday party is fun, exciting, and thrilling. Additionally, it is gender-neutral and is the perfect theme for anyone young and old. Throwing a spy-themed birthday party can be simple and fun yet, daring. Even some celebrities are opting to throw a James Bond theme party. The key factors when throwing this type of party is all in details, your decorations, music, food, and games. All aspects should be well thought out and cohesive to pack a punch.

What more effective way to draw excitement and get ready for a spy-themed party than to use a spy-themed invitation. A specific request is great for letting the party goer know what type of event to look forward to attending. It also adds to the theme you are designing. One idea is to create an authentic spy theme invitation by developing a unique message where the decoder glasses are needed to reveal the time and location of the party. You can use free online printable’s to design the invite. You can also DIY decoder glasses to add to the invitation. Decoder glasses are fun to make and guaranteed to draw compliments.

We all know a party is not a party without some stylish decorations. Get creative, furnish a suspenseful and climactic scene at the party. Use mystery words or pictures as decorations. Choose a color scheme and utilize it across the board for a steady look. Place up posters from spy movies such as Mission Impossible, James Bond, or other spy movies. There is a lot of spy theme related images you can print out and use for your party such as giant fingerprints, secret agent silhouettes, most wanted, top-secret mission, and more.

Consider games that will deliver laughable moments yet are challenging. Spy theme-related games will create the perfect effect. There are a ton of games to choose from. One idea is to create a maze of lasers where red yarn is used to imitate laser beams. The party-goers will need to get across it without touching the beam(yarn). Additional, design a game where the secret decoder glasses can decipher messages to win prizes.

Food and Goodies
Make specialized candy bars with secret codes on the wrapper where the decoder glasses reveal eclectic messages. Make secret mission cookies or cakes with mysteries treats inside. Another idea is to prepare classic dishes that includes a twist to the names to sound creative. Display secret agent and spy treat bags, which you can also put decoder glasses inside.

A fun and festive way to create a spy-themed mood is through music. Sure, play your favorite jams but add in some specialized instrumentals and beats. Add music from popular shows and movies to the party playlist. The movie Mission Impossible has a famous theme song that is recognizable everywhere; hence, it can add a distinctive flair to your party.

In the end, your spy theme party can turn out successful if you spice it up. A spy party is great because your guest has plenty of opportunities to be a part of the theme. They can dress up as agents, criminals etc. Also, there are so many ways to incorporate the decoder glasses into activities and games. If you feel like you need some inspiration try visiting a spy musuem for creative ideas, or read and watch spy movies. There are endless possibilities of fun, with this spy theme.

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