How to Wash Your Baseball Cap the Right Way

When you are at play and at work, your clothing gets just as dirty as you do. Baseball caps get worn more often than other clothing and become unsightly over time (as well as smelly). They can be restored to a new look if they are washed properly.

Two Approaches To Cleaning Your Cap

A good cleaning can be achieved by either washing the baseball cap by hand or by washing it in a machine. Both of these methods can produce great results and will be a personal choice. Hand washing will take more time and a bit of elbow grease. Machine washing is easier and faster. Just remember that you should not use a dryer as the hat will shrink.

Before You Start

Look for information on the hat’s label. Important cleaning information may be listed there. Take the time to remove loose debris by vacuuming the cap before washing it. This can remove a surprising amount of dirt and grime. If the baseball cap is a collectible you might want to contact the manufacturer if no washing instructions are available.

Washing A Baseball Cap By Hand

Begin by getting the cap wet in a shower or sink. Use cold water unless otherwise instructed. If at possible, avoid getting the bill soaked, as this will help it to retain the proper shape.

If you can, use a nail brush or soft toothbrush and apply a mild detergent or shampoo. Gently scrub both the interior and exterior of the hat. Make sure to spend a little extra time on the band as sweat tends to accumulate there.

Rinse the hat off completely once you are done scrubbing it. Some suggest using water with a few drops of conditioner with nylon or knitted caps, but it isn’t necessary to produce a clean result.

Place it over the top of a bowl or coiled up bath towel so that it will maintain its shape while drying.

Washing A Baseball Cap By Machine

Using a dishwasher is another appropriate method to properly clean your baseball cap. Clear any dishes or items in the dishwasher that could stain the hat while cleaning. When you are ready, place the hat over the pegs on the top rack of the machine.

Load a small amount of cleaning agent and remember to avoid products such as bleach. Set the washer to run for a normal cycle on warm water and avoid drying times. A trick for the best clean is to pretreat the hat and to use a special plastic form to help it hold its shape.

When finished, air dry in the same manner as hand washed caps.

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