Myth v. Fact on Storage Pod Containers

Storage pod containers are becoming increasingly mainstream as more and more people learn about them. They offer excellent storage solutions for homeowners, businesses, retailers, and contractors. However, there are still quite a few myths about storage containers floating around that may cause some people to shy away from them. Let’s look at three myths about storage pods that aren’t always true.

Myth #1- You can only use a portable storage unit for moving 

Sure, portable storage units are one of the easiest ways to move your belongings from one place to another. However, this isn’t the only reason to rent one. Let’s look at the facts:

•Homeowners who are in the middle of renovating their house may need an extra place to store large, cumbersome items such as tools, drywall, flooring, ladders, and lumber.

•Contractors can use portable storage units to keep their items safe when they are working on a job. Instead of having to haul a truckload of supplies to and from the job site, simply lock them up in the unit at the end of the day.

•Businesses may use them to keep extra supplies in. For example, an antique shop may have a surplus of stock that won’t fit out in the showroom. A portable storage unit will keep excess inventory safe and dry.

Myth #2- A portable storage unit is an expensive solution

A portable storage unit is often much more cost effective than hiring a professional mover to do the same job. Many moving companies charge hundreds of dollars just to move across town. Most storage unit rentals charge a flat fee for rental, delivery, and pick-up that is much less than the moving company.

Additionally, using a storage unit allows you to have control over the packing and loading of your belongings. If you don’t trust strangers touching and moving your antiques, family heirlooms, or collectibles, a storage unit is your best bet.

Myth #3- You get stuck doing all of the work 

Many people believe that when you rent a storage unit you’ll get stuck doing everything. The fact is, a storage unit allows you to control the when, where, and how of the move. Yes, many people rent them because they wish to pack and move their belongings themselves. But you can also hire movers to do the same job for you if you can’t physically do it yourself or if you don’t want the hassle. It’s all up to you. Plus, portable storage unit companies will allow you to pick the amount of time that you need to use the unit. Many offer better deals the longer you need the unit for.

Consider these myths and facts the next time you are moving or need a little extra space for your belongings. If you are looking for a local portable storage container company, you can find one in your area by doing a quick search for them online.

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