Personal Training Trends 2019

Personal training is an industry with a lot of flexibility and is a wonderful business to be in if you are excited to help people be their best. You will likely see people at their most vulnerable. You may also have to help them grow more confident in their bodies.

Be Ready to be Vulnerable

Working one on one can be very vulnerable for some clients, and some may grow resentful if you push them harder than they expect. Your goal as a trainer is to help the client
1) avoid injury
2) develop confidence as they build strength
3) catch up in any areas of fitness where they’ve become lax.

Learn How to Communicate With the Elderly

Personal trainers will have access to a large and growing client demographic as Baby Boomers retire and want some help building a healthy exercise routine. In addition to strength training, they may look to you for advice on supplements, meal replacements or healthy diet plans.

If your client has never had a regular workout routine or just doesn’t know where to start, be ready with the best advice you can locate on a variety of topics. The abundance of workout gear on the market alone is baffling to someone who’s never had a regular workout routine.

Keep Your Education Current

There are many on YouTube with great fitness suggestions. How are you a more valuable investment? First off, you’re there to monitor your client. Secondly, your skills are documented and you can prove it.

As you learn more about how to help those with specific conditions such as bone density concerns, muscle loss due to age or simply an overall lack of flexibility, document and promote that training so you can expand your customer base.

Have a Flexible Schedule

Twenty-four hour gyms mean people are working out at all hours and in many places. As a personal trainer, you may need to be there to help and guide your clients through their workouts anywhere from early in the morning to late into the night. Be certain you set office hours and keep them to keep yourself healthy and strong. Burning both ends of the candle may be good when starting your personal training practice, but over time this practice can’t continue.

Fitness goals are different for each person. Working with a qualified, respectful and patient personal trainer can make a world of difference for the most under-exercised client. You have the power to change someone’s future.

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