The Pros and Cons of Rebranding with a New Logo

If you or your business have been stuck with the same motto and logo for years, you might be considering a rebrand. This is natural, people rebrand themselves every once in a while because they want to bring new attention to the business and company that has always been in front of their faces but people have just stopped paying attention to. But what are the benefits of rebranding? Is there a downfall to rebranding your company? Here are the pros and cons of rebranding your business.

Rebranding is no longer changing the way your  website looks or getting a new color palette, rebranding requires a lot of work and thought. You don’t want to rebrand your business and just to not like what it looks and feels like once it’s done, you have to be sure this is what you want so think about each of the pros and cons carefully. We’ll start with the pros:

Rebranding will bring on a lot of attention. As I mentioned before, rebranding brings a new face to the company everyone already knew about but might have overlooked in the past because it comes off as familiar to them. If you rebrand, get a new logo and stick out from the crowd, you will have many more eyes on you than you did before.

You can change up some other things within the company. With rebranding, you aren’t just giving yourself a new face, you’re going into a new chapter in life. When you complete a goal, you replace it with a new one. People change over time and their goals change, businesses are given less opportunity to change their goals. But if they rebrand, they can change everything about themselves if they want.

Now for the cons so you can see both sides of the story:

There might be some confusion mixed in with the changes. The people who do pay attention to what your company is are going to be confused about these changes that you are making. They are going to worry that you will no longer offer them what you have promised to give them before, make sure if you decided to rebrand that you will list everything you offer and make sure your costumers know what they can expect in the future.

You might lose costumers and you might lose money. This is all a part of the job. People are going to like the changes and people are going to hate it. Be prepared for the backlash you may get from this rebrand.

These are the main things you should be taking into consideration when thinking about rebranding. With some time and thought, it’ll all work out.

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