Understanding the Differences Between Cigars and Cigarillos

Tobacco is a form of entertainment that goes all the way back to the discovery of the first tobacco leaves, before recorded history. There are many ways to enjoy tobacco, whether it be cigarettes, a smoking pipe, or a cigar. Sometimes, it is easy to mistake any rolled tobacco, darker than a cigarette, to be a cigar. But that is a commonly made mistake due to presence of another cigar type, tobacco product. Lets take a look at the difference between cigarillos and cigars so that we may accurately identify the differences.

What is a Cigar
A cigar starts in the form of raw tobacco leaves. These leaves are mulched by hand or machine and are usually broke down into a fine tobacco. This tobacco is then rolled up into a large havana leaf known as a binder. This leaf holds the tobacco in a compact cylinder. This cylinder is then placed into an instrument known as a “former.” The former is placed in an oven for 30-45 minutes on a mild heat. This molds the cigar to its preferred shape and density, utilizing the heat to form a chemical reaction that helps the cigar to hold and keep its shape. This cylinder is then rolled in thin tobacco leafs known as wrappers. These wrappers give the cigar its visual appeal while also giving an aroma and taste that is unique to the type of wrapper used. If you are curious to learn about the origins, history and events that made cigars what they are today. make sure to view “Cigar History 101”

What is a Cigarillo?
The word cigarillo translates into, little cigar. Cigarillos became first notably popular in Europe in the 1900’s. Cigarillos generally range from 3.5″ to 4″ in length and are generally, only a little thicker than a #2 pencil. They are ideal for people that enjoy the aroma and essence of a cigar, but prefer a shorter smoke. Some cigars can burn for an hour, whereas a cigarillo will generally take from 10-20 minutes. Cigarillos are also ideal for those who are just entering the cigar scene and prefer to start with something smaller. It is not uncommon for someone, who has not yet built a tolerance to tobacco products, to become sick and experience nausea and vomiting, during the smoking of a full blown cigar. Cigarillos are always machine made, regardless of the level of quality. Rolling such a small cigar in the traditional sense is impossible and a complete waste of ones efforts. Cigarillos generally come in pack of 20-25, or cases from 50-100. For more information about cigarillos, make sure to click the link and learn about the origins, manufacturing and popular brands.

It is easy to see how cigars and cigarillos, having so much in common, could easily be mistaken or mis-labeled. But, with a little research, we can see how the major differences in their size and construction, make them easy to tell apart at a simple glance.

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